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Lumao is an online-magazine for travelling with kids. They offer advice and guidance in every topic related to travelling with kids. You can check ot the logo and icons design I’ve created for them here. Every year in the twenty-four days leading up to Christmas Lumao organises an Advent calendar giveaway series. Every day you can win various items or gift vouchers related to family travelling. The calendar is on their social media channels.


I have designed a set of illustrations working as a pattern and individually. They are a playful cross between Christmas and holiday motives. On a dark green background the colours light up.

a lifering & a Christmas wreath, a beachball & a Christmas ornament, a hot air balloon & a Chritmas ornament, a sunshade & a candy cane; a traditional Christmas motive of bells with a ribbon, but with palm leaves behind them instead of holly; a snowman going on a holiday; a surfboard & a Christmas ornament

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