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logo and icon design


Lumao is an online-magazine for travelling with kids. It offers a large variety of articles on holiday destinations in Germany and throughout Europe, activities and practical travel-information. With reviews on kid-friendly accommodations, attractions and guide-books, it helps the reader with the planning of the next family-trip.

The chief editor—a journalist and mom of three—has practical advice on all the tricky-parts of arranging a family-trip with children at a different age. You can find tips on how to entertain the kids on a long journey, how to sun-protection properly,  … in mind, knows what is important and you get the information in a personal way. Outside in nature, camping or city-tours, with smaller or older kids, you can find tipps and inspiration in any price-class.


The playful letterforms evoke … relatable characteristic invite you to play

The underlining invites the viewer for more exploration.

A cheerful colour has been defined to each of the five letters, strengthening further the connection to the world of kids while also referring to the broad variety of articles the site offers.


I have designed a set of icons that are used throughout the website. Their lines follow the ones in the logo, creating a coherent image. The topics are approached in a playful and fun way, making sure that the tone of the brand persists.

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