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joining corporate designs for a nursery and a mom & baby club


Topolino is a nursery in Budapest, Hungary. Its special concept was developed to help out with childcare exactly how and when the family needs it—just as a relative or a neighbour would do. It takes one back to old days with multigenerational households and communities working together, helping each other out. Kids are welcome for a couple of hours only a few days a week, giving parents time to go grocery shopping or tackling chores, as well as for the whole day 5 days a week, supporting parents with full time jobs.

However, this flexible approach is not the only way the nursery resembles a family. In its warm and welcoming atmosphere the kids experience the safety and stability of a loving home. Here they can explore the world and learn the essential social skills in a supporting environment.

The nursery places a big emphasis on movement and its importance in the development process of a child. The founder of the nursery, apart from being a qualified kindergarten teacher has a degree in various training techniques helping children’s motoric development and is offering therapy for the ones who need it.


The connecting mom & baby club offers support and wisdom for the parents with a variety of programmes all the way from the beginning of the pregnancy. To name a few examples there is a workshop on preparing for the birth, a baby massage course, training for the abdomens and the pelvic muscles after giving birth. The physical well-being is supported in the years to come as well with courses in special exercise methods and techniques.


The visual concept is based on the unique features of the nursery: flexibility, loving warmth and the importance of movement in a child’s development are mirrored in the corporate identity.

The logo of the nursery and the club are built the same way, with an evident visual connection. The letters “O” in both logos are replaced by a dynamically changing sign.

For the nursery I’ve designed a set of 30 signs, which are being used to mark the belongings of the kids within the nursery and appear in the logo, replacing the letters “O”. I have chosen simple icons to depict. Apart from the common kindergarden-symbols my goal was to draw some fun ones, that the kids would like to identify with.

In the printed assets the signs appear as a pattern.

Parallel to the nursery-signs I have designed four signs for the mom & baby club. They let one associate to balance, health, mindfulness and community support—to physical and mental well-being.

The two logos work separately and together as well.

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