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real-life-3D experimental lettering

I love to work with analogue techniques and experimenting with materials. I enjoy the unpredictability of the process, that I never know how exactly it will turn out and that I don’t have the undo button.


Amadeus is a foundation in Hungary, supporting art students such as musicians, painters and sculptors. Among an exhibition space, workshop, residential and curatorial programme, they also offer a scholarship. Once a year they invite the painter and sculptor applicants to arrange an exhibition of their works. Designing the poster for this exhibition is also an open call competition.

I’ve made this poster combining plastic and plain surfaces as the symbol of sculpture and painting. The bright colours on the white forms fit well into the university environment.


Hand lettered artwork poster, inspired by the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. This fascinating book tells a story about relationships gifted with intrigue, gossip, betrayal and lies, hidden behind perfect make-ups, curly wigs, ruffled dresses and tight corsets.


Handmade 3D letters featuring rock, soil and water—the basic elements building up the surface of our planet Earth.

NR. 3

For years there have been a weekly friendly competition on Facebook, named FontFront, arranged by the Hungarian Association of Graphic Designers and Typographers. I’ve made this number 3 out of sand for that.

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