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packaging design for a wine


Wine production has a great tradition in Hungary. There are a lot of areas that are suitable for growing wine grapes and a bunch of grape sorts only growing there. The speciality of this wine is that it is made from different types of grapes, all growing on the same hillside. Hence the name: “dűlő” meaning field or hillside for agricultural purposes and “válogatás” meaning selection.



For the design motive on the label I chose the form of the field as the main element. To create the design, I have used pieces of different papers and textiles to print with. The different sorts of grapes are represented through the different surfaces and the artisan printing method connects to the tradition of the wine making. The artistic landscape design is completed with elements of a map to emphasise the origin of the form. The resemblance to a dove or an angel is a mere coincident but a welcome one. It is a nice parallel to the ephemeral quality of wine—that it is different every year, like a fleeting imprint of the summer Sun.

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