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logo design


VanSyn is a small brand developing and producing a modular system of different interieur elements for upgrading camper vans. It was founded by two engineers, enthusiastic campers themselves. Their goal is to make upgrading vans more affordable and accessible. The elements they design are made of a special lightweight material, developed for this purpose. To build the van interior that suits you the best, you can combine the elements in any way you like. They are compatible and practical.

The name VanSyn is a play on the German word “Wahnsinn” literally meaning madness but used as a colloquial term for expressing excitement or amazement.


The different combinations of modular elements form the letters in the logo, just like in the interieur of the vans.

The two colours of the logo recall nature: the sand and the sea, the mountains and the setting sun, the desert and the sky. They reflect the duality of cold and warm, winter and summer and stand for the nature-loving nature of the most van owners. The community of van owners are known to be in-touch with nature, being outdoorsy, like hiking, surfing, cycling 

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