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illustrations inspired by song lyrics

Melting in my dreams

In the lake of galaxies


The Swamp Creatures is a Hungarian psychedelic-folk band. Their music opens a window to another realm for the listener to glimpse at. They have created an entire universe—consisting of a swamp—with its believe system, beasts, traditions and occurrences. The songs on the album “Insights” tell tales about the swamp, the creatures living there and a man, who has lost his way.


Capturing the eerie, mystical atmosphere of the lyrics, I have drawn two black-and-white illustrations. They are based on the shape circle, which recall the world, the world of the swamp—something whole—the music lets us in. I have chosen the motifs to recall various facets of nature as we know it: the solar system—for something much bigger than us and tangled leaves—for our visible and tangible realm.

Find her

Inbetween your lies

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